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Lavish Lockets...

Beautiful lockets from Lavish Lockets....really enjoyed this commercial shoot for this fab company!





8 things you would tell your pregnant self...

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If you had the power to travel back in time to the day before you gave birth, what would you tell yourself? Although (sadly) we’ve not discovered the secret to time-travel, and cannot make any of these come true, we asked our wonderful community of Mother and Baby mums to share their stories. Here’s what they wished for: 1. To have another nap, you’ll need it! Unsurprisingly, the most common thing our mums wished they could have told themselves was to get those extra hours of kip before their little one arrived. In this instance, the housework and shopping can definitely wait. 2. It hurts, but it’s worth it Whilst some of our mums confessed the pain wasn’t nearly as bad as they expected, they all agreed on one point – however bad it may be, it’s all worth it the second you hold your baby for the first time. 3. It’s alright, you’ve got this Despite everything that might be going through your mind as your due date approaches, remember you’re stronger than you think. Take a deep breath and get ready to become a mummy – you’re going to be fantastic. 4. Chuck the birth plan in the bin With every will in the world, your plan is just that – a plan. Relax and be ready to go with the flow. Nothing prepares you for what comes next, but you’re going to be great. 5. Ask him to be there for the tough bits Whether it’s getting him to take the day off work so you’re not alone when the contractions start, or asking him to stay with you rather than going home to sleep; if you need him there, tell him. 6. Do things that will make you feel nice Whether that’s shaving your legs, getting your other half to paint your toe nails, or washing your hair, a lot of our mums wished they’d got themselves ready. That said, labour is not a glamorous affair, so don’t stress too much! 7. Pack your hospital bag MUCH earlier than you think You’ll soon learn, your new arrival won’t wait for your due date, follow your birth plan or sleep when you want him too. Pack that hospital bag early, you might need it sooner than you think. 8. Take more photos and invest in photography.... The time you are pregnant rushes by, and with so many things to organise we something forget its the images we have of this precious time that will be with us forever to look back on. Take lots of your own photos on your phone but also invest in professional photography for both your pregnancy and in particular for your Newborn Baby... you only get one chance, your baby will never be this tiny again... Learn More about my specialist Newborn Photography sessions here.... www.yournewbornoffer.co.uk
The Pretty Pooch Finalists!

So after all of our beautiful Pretty Pooch shoots, here are our finalists! Wish them all luck!

You can vote for your 'People's Choice' winner on facebook at www.facebook.com/GillianDevinePhotography by simply liking your choice!

Voting will end this Friday.

At the same time this week The Photographers Choice and Charity Choice winners are also being chosen.


All winners will be announced this weekend!








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