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One to One


Want to learn more about photography on a one to one basis? Want to get the most out of your camera? A complete beginner? Or have some skills yourself and just want to pick my brains and learn how I do what I do?  I don't profess to know it all, I don't think any of us do, but I do consider myself a sucess at what I do so if you would like to spend some time on a learning journey give me a shout....over bicuits, tea, coffee or wine...whichever takes your fancy :-)  I can tailor a session specifically to what you would like to learn, whether that be the business side of things, or the photography side of things, or anything else in between.  And if I don't think I am the best person for you I will say so and recommend another of my fantastic professional colleagues. 


One to one sessions - £350 per half day, £500 per full day.





Photography walks



Urban or Rural £99 per person.  Groups of 10, sharing inspiration and knowledge and getting some great shots too...great for beginners just getting to know their camera. Come out for a walk with myself and another professional photographer.